New Year (go figure…)

It’s fucking -5C outside and it’s 11:00 AM, just entered office above my pub. Looking out the window at everyone in their rat race keeps me highly motivated, makes me happy to have my own company. Getting up when I want to, going (or not) to work when I want to. No one above me but God.


Business will not start before Jan 9, when everybody get back from holidays. I got nothing to do as well. Horse racing is very poor, football also. Binary trading is on hold, I am switching brokers, so it will take a few days to start. Basically, nothing to do before Monday, I think. Few races and games on weekend, that’s all. I do not like holidays much, everything stand still and I am used to be on the move.

We had a great New Year parties, pub was sold out from the beginning of December. We took advantage of the New Year/Christmas time to make money, as always at this time of year.


Our Facebook page analyses showing great progress: over 3500 likes, over 5000 check-ins, over 3500 page follows. So, in the past 3.5 years (since opening on April 2013), we are constantly growing, monitoring and reinvesting. And it shows on our balance sheet.

On “empty” day like this there is nothing to do. Fucking freezing outside, just me and my employees in the pub. Drinking espresso, thinking how to spend my day. Will probably go home, watch HBO/Netflix or play PS4. Who knows, I may receive a surprise phone call, fingers crossed.

Do whatever the fuck you want to do all the time, don’t take shit from nobody.

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