Forgotten Island



Skopelos Island, Greece… By chance, I stumbled upon island that is beyond time. Few hundred residents, nobody wears a watch. Cars are open, with keys inside. Last time I saw this was… when I was a kid and world was not such a dangerous place.

I had to take my son somewhere with clean sea air, health issues. But all summer arrangements were sold out. Fortunately, managed to dig something out, 2 weeks before trip. And it’s great!

Got me thinking… All my business adventures are not fixed to any physical place. I can be anywhere in the world and work from there. So, I live in the heavy polluted city, where everything is grey, where everyone is in a hurry, working for wages, running around… fucking rat race. Not for me. There was a good reason why I wanted to make enough money… That reason is now much stronger. I want to live on this island. The word “plan” does not exist in my vocabulary (if you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans), but I will have to do some serious thinking about this. That’s the idea.

To be continued…

P.S. This blog (same as Twitter) is like motherfucking shrink sometimes… And it’s free therapy.

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