Rainy Sunday

Yes, Sunday. And a very heavy rain keeps me home. I went to my office around noon, but stayed only couple of hours to do some basic things. And had breakfast in my pub. I like to be alone.

Hoped life will get easier. But, no. No fucking way. The guy upstairs just doesn’t want to give me a break. In past 60 days I had 2 court trials (both ridiculous and insane), paying small fortune to my lawyer every time he goes to court. And, it is really ridiculous. My ex sued me for bigger alimony, wants to cut short my visits with my son. I got even 100m ban. It is completely insane because I have done nothing. Witch hunt. There is a law in my country, introduced 1 year ago, that allows women to be protected against domestic violence. And, it is a great law. We had serious of tragic events in past year, regarding domestic violence. Very tragic events. And something had to be done. So, very rigid law was introduced. And I support any law that protects women and children.

Then, it started to be exploited and misused. When it’s her word against his, he is going to jail. Several women accused their husbands for domestic violence, but later was proved to be false accusations. They wanted money. Law was introduced for protection, but bad people tried to use it for their own gain. Shameful.

And, as usual, I pulled out the thicker end. Because Murphy (and his law) never sleeps. Never. And is always around me, not letting me live my life like I suppose to. It’s okay. I am used to it, I don’t care.

But now, I can’t see my son every week, but every 2 weeks. That is what hurts me the most. Last week, when we were saying goodbyes, he told me he wants to live with me forever. It was very emotional moment for both of us, especially when we knew we will not see each other for a long time. His mother is evil, she has no friends. He is living in very unhealthy environment and I can’t help him. It will be very hard for him to go through life.

I really do hope, that guy upstairs will help… But can’t count on it. He rarely does.

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