Boxing Day- Selections

Quick post (no time):

26 Dec 13:25 Sedgefielde 26th Dec 12:25 Oak Vintage 5.1 Pt4 Pt4.1
26 Dec 13:30 Wetherby 26th Dec 12:30 Moorlands Mist 9.2 Pt5
26 Dec 13:40 Huntingdon 26th Dec 12:40 Lickpenny Larry 10 Pt4 Pt4.1
26 Dec 14:20 Kempton 26th Dec 13:20 Beggars Wishes 16 Pt13 Pt4.1
26 Dec 14:50 Huntingdon 26th Dec 13:50 Bestwork 5.2 Pt4 Pt4.1
26 Dec 15:05 Sedgefielde 26th Dec 14:05 Dartford Warbler 7.4 Pt4 Pt4.1
26 Dec 16:05 Kempton 26th Dec 15:05 Bristol De Mai 5.2 Pt4 Pt4.1

One response to “Boxing Day- Selections

  1. Results: 1 out of 7. Not good. Bestwork wins at 5.2, but 1.8pt loss. Should have stayed away with that much races yesterday (11 meetings), but was Boxing Day. So I played a game. Moving on.


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