Game Of Patterns – Day 562

Yesterday, Archive failed to perform, was held up in last pair, quickly outpaced. Okay. It was kind of expected. I will break apart pattern 4, to see what I can improve. Like this: yesterday I said I had 3 selections, but 2 of them were priced bellow 5. One of those 2 passed all filters for pattern 4, but priced bellow 5 (which is minimum price for that pattern). But, I “consulted” my database to see what can be done here, And decided to test this pattern with price 3.00 – 5.00. When I entered all conditions in my database for pattern 4 (without price), I got these results:


So, yes. Money can be earned with this pattern even with odds 3.00 – 5.00. And I am testing it. Although not profitable like 5.00 – 10.00, but still… I went for it.

So, I placed 3 bets yesterday, instead of 1:


Normally, I wouldn’t do that. And I made a mistake by placing bet on Syster Sibyl, it’s a pattern 5, which is losing ground lately. And I have to analyze it to see what can be done. Profit for me yesterday, but officially: loss. Moving on.

Today no selections. No suitable ground for my patterns.


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