Football – losing ground, but keeping the faith

Okay. Draw The Back 2 performed well in past few months. I was tracking it for 6 months (since August 6, 2017) and it proved to be solid. I was paying monthly subscription for some draw prediction software, and wanted to see if something can be gained. And, it can.


(based on €10/bet)

It is good, worth a subscription. Although sample size is still not satisfactory (156 bets), and I would wait for another 6 months (or 300 bets). I am also using this prediction software for my Correct Score predictions, placing all correct score predictions into my database, and then pulling out what best odds are for this system. So, I will think about Draw The Back 2, I will continue using it. But, I don’t know if I am going to keep tracking it and recording it since it is not my invention, I just brought it to light. Don’t ask me about it, if I decide to publish the software I am using, I will let everybody know.

On to my babies. Small Steps 12 fell of the cliff in past month or so, went down to 0% ROI.


I will try to improve it. And, Bigger Steps 12 went down the drain in past few months, but I managed to improve it in past 3o days. 2018Jan6_3

Fell heavily on November and December, but I am certain I can do better. As far as Correct Score CS is concerned, nothing goes well. Heavy loss past 45 days, went down to 0%.


Keeping the faith, moving on.


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