Dark Times

Went to a funeral yesterday. My friend killed himself. I knew he had some health issues, but could never imagine he will harm himself. He had family, 2 kids, nice business. Last few years, I’ve heard about increased suicide rates, especially among the men. But, was never expecting it to happen to someone close to me. I was stunned. Whatever his reasons were…

Everyone has their dark times, me first. I have a hectic life, I live in the fast lane. And I have problems, like everybody else. Everyone thinks their problems are bigger. Unsolvable. I thought that too. To me, my problems are huge as a mountain. That kind of perspective is discouraging. I had dark thoughts. I thought I will never solve my problems. And I didn’t. Problems are still there. But, a few days passed. And, the problems weren’t as huge as before. Day changed. The perspective changed. Life went on.

I am very sad. He was alone in his final moments. Maybe, if someone was with him, things could go another way. I live alone, but I have a lot of friends. When I feel lonely or depressed, I jump in my car and go to my pub. Whenever in doubt, surround yourself with friends.

Live to fight another day.

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