Game Of Patterns: Day 584

I have 5 selections today. But, I am not certain of it. I can’t access my database and it has become really frustrating. I can’t check pattern development and I can’t be certain in my selections. Ahhhhh. Moving on.

Doncaster 26th Jan 12:50 Dalkadam @ 6.2 Pt5
Doncaster 26th Jan 13:55 Wotzizname @ 3.55 Pt5
Kempton 26th Jan 17:45 Roubles @ 5.5 Pt3
Dundalk 26th Jan 18:30 Alcatraz @ 6.2 Pt3.1
Kempton 26th Jan 19:15 Good Impression @ 6 Pt3

Frustration is in red.

EDIT: Roubles is mistake. Only 4 selections.


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