Trading Mindset – 2 traits that identify if a trader on social media is successful or not

Great article published today on Steemit, by @forexbrokr



If you’re interested in markets then you probably follow a trader or two on your social media platform of choice. You’ll also know that there are a couple of distinct personalities that come through and by reading how people act online, you can often identify if a trader is successful or not?

I am not feeling the best today so I don’t plan on writing a lot, but there are 2 massive traits that can help you distinguish the successful, from the pretenders.

1. Successful Traders Talk About Ideas. Unsuccessful Traders Talk About People

Have you ever seen traders online worrying about what others are doing instead of their own setups? Those so called professional analysts who continuously put down, for example… crypto traders 😂, instead of worrying about their own accounts.

Instead of gossiping about other traders and getting nowhere, if they’re successful then you will only hear them speak about their own ideas. Sharing their own ideas instead of putting others down, is a sure sign of success.

2. Successful Traders Accept Responsibility. Unsuccessful Traders Blame Others

What about those traders that you see blame everything and everyone but themselves for a losing trade. It was never their fault, it was the market’s fault. No. It was your fault and only your fault.

Even worse are the ones that don’t have to blame anyone else for their losses, because they don’t share them! All good traders take losses within their risk profile and if you never see a trader take a loss then you know that they’re unsuccessful.

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