Game Of Patterns: Day 629

Fucking Dundalk. I knew it. Ahhh… 3 selections yesterday in Dundalk (Wedding Photo was a NR) and all 3 lost. The best was Above Us Only Sky, finished 2nd. Very frustrating. I had a good track record for Dundalk, with a sample size of over 200 bets:



Source: my database

I decided to enter Dundalk races (pattern 3.1) for odds 3.00 – 10.00, skipping TRH value 120-140 (from above photo). But, no luck. Anyway, I will continue with Dundalk races,think I can make it work.

But, profit yesterday again! 2 wins! Royal Act @ 4.5 and Stone Of Destiny @ 1.3! Getting close to that 100 mark again. Moving on. Today, 1 selection:


Sedgefielde 13th Mar 14:35 Little Jimmy @ 4.8 Pt5


GOP progress

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