Game Of Patterns: Day 630

1 point loss yesterday, as Little Jimmy finished 3rd. Okay. Moving on. Yesterday, I had no selections for Cheltenham festival. Today, I have 1 selection. It’s not from my patterns. But, I checked my database, and something came up. I have entered 5 race conditions (for the 2:10 PM race, only one I am interested in because other races have too many runners) in my database: win (bet type), chase (race type), sft/hy (going, I have no patterns for soft/heavy going), 7+R (more than 7 rated runners), 6-10 (number of runners):


And I get these results, only 20 races recorded (odds and tags):


Based on €5/bet



Source: my database

Yes, I know. The sample size is too small. But, it’s Cheltenham Festival and I had to find a horse I can play with. 😎

So, today 3 selections, including Cheltenham:


Cheltenham 14th Mar 14:10 Black Corton @ 9 Cheltenham Fest
Huntingdon 14th Mar 14:25 Global Domination @ 4.5 Pt5
Southwell 14th Mar 14:35 Dutch Monarch @ 6.2 Pt3


GOP progress

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