Game Of Patterns: Day 684

Small profit yesterday. My double bet won at Towcester: Dylanseoghan at 4.5 (rule 4p, Cadeau Du Bresil finished 3rd). But, again, it could have been a great day. 2 selections in Dundalk both placed: Easy Boy 2nd, Nivvo 3rd. Fucking hell. Almost perfect day. Okay. Moving on. 7 selections today, 2 double bets. Very risky day, I hate when my Game produces more than 4 selections per day. But, okay. I am prepared to lose, I have good money management, and losing is part of the game. You just have to control it. If you can’t afford to lose 7 points, you can split 1 point on double bets sou you have 5 points staked today.


Warwick 7th May 15:15 Modeligo @ 7.5 Pt9
Ayr 7th May 15:55 Imperial Prince @ 15 Pt13
DownR 7th May 16:10 Drumconnor Lad @ 6 Pt9 Double
DownR 7th May 16:10 Tout Est Permis @ 8 Pt9 Double
Kempton 7th May 16:40 Max Ward @ 8 Pt9 Double
Kempton 7th May 16:40 Imperial Presence @ 7.5 Pt9 Double
Ayr 7th May 17:35 Gold Opera 8.5 Pt9


GOP progress

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