Yesterday, I had my first lesson. Oh, wait. Need to rewind a bit.

if you want something to be done right, you have to do it yourself. I got tired of binary traders and their “knowledge” of trading. And decided to learn it on my own. But, that’s the first obstacle: how do you decide who will teach you? How do you choose the best teacher for you? The one who will not waste your time and money and teach you exactly what you want to learn?

Yeah, very difficult decision.

The best way is to try to track down most successful people in this field and see if any of them is willing to teach you. Not everyone would like to reveal his/her secrets and strategies in trading. Of course not. Especially if it’s making them rich.

Also, time. Time is most important. Every binary trader knows that. For binary traders (unlike forex and crypto trading), working day of 24 hours is very tight. We can trade during the London and New York sessions (working hours of those 2 particular exchanges) when markets are volatile and payouts on traded currency pairs are at the highest level (around 80%-90%). Comes to approx 16 hours of trading. But, the problem with binary trading is that I have to sit in front of my computer, watch trading charts, waiting for the perfect entry point to place the trade. In forex and crypto trading, it takes you a literally couple of minutes a day to place your orders through your phone. You can’t do that with binary trading.

It took me only 3 days to find my sensei.

First, I watched dozens of YouTube videos with strategies for binary trading, in order to find good traders. But, all are fake! All affiliates, working for brokers, luring you in with so-called “proven” winning strategies and indicators. This is where you need patience. I checked strategies, traded with them on my demo account (fortunately), and prove them to be wrong.

In dozens of videos, I have found the only video where guy records depositing REAL money and trade it successfully. The guy then says that you should be patient, watch video through the end (40 minutes) and he will reveal his strategy in the end. Yeah, right. Who’s got the patience to watch 40 minutes video on YouTube in this time and age!?

Well, I do. And, I did. I watched through the end.

At the end, the guy says: ‘my friends, there is no way or strategy that can make you rich. You have to study and learn your own way of trading.’ I was disappointed. But, just for a second. He provided his contact email address which I immediately used to contact him. I asked if he can teach me. Very soon, I was contacted by one of his assistants with detailed explanation about classes of binary trading.

At that moment, I knew I had found the person I was looking for. His name is Tiziano, he is from Italy, and he is one of the best binary traders in the world.

The lessons are very expensive. €250/lesson (one on one) but he agreed to make lessons for small groups (3-4) for €100 per person. Yesterday, I had my first lesson (it took 5 hours) and I have immediately spotted the benefits. He has great teaching and communication skills and yesterday he taught us great strategy. I have recorded the session and in next few days, I will analyze it and practice it.

Another adventure in front of me.

Cool stuff.

Wolfpac RISE

Okay. Time to take action. I have suffered huge losses on the financial markets (BINARY/FOREX/CRYPTO) since 2018 started. Worst start of the year ever. So, I decided to make some changes. My monthly expenses increased, so I have to boost up my incomes. I have already made some changes regarding my FOREX activities, but this is not a post about that.

I got invited. For an adventure.

If you are a conservative person, happy with your incomes, not a risk-taker, enjoying your daily life…. stop reading and get back to your social media.

If you are like me, always up for an adventure into the unknown, step up. This is the project. It’s free. For the selected ones.


The general idea is simple: build your account from $/€100 to $/€1000 through FOREX and CRYPTO trading. You will need:

  • basic knowledge of FOREX and CRYPTO trading (placing orders, you can educate yourself very quickly about that)
  • $/€ 100 (which will you deposit on your account at JAFX Exchange through Wolfpac affiliate link, that way they will get something in return for this adventure)
  • Telegram account (can be set in minutes, probably everyone has it today)
  • Attitude ready for following Wolfpac rules and not being a pain in the ass
  • Open mind

You will learn to trade, and make money along the way. We are still gathering and settling at this stage, don’t get FOMO. So, if all of the above catches your interest, click on the link bellow and come with me on an adventure. I know couple of traders who will surely join me on this journey.


Wolfpac RISE




Absolute carnage in my financial adventures. Since 2018 started, I am losing my money. Everywhere. Horse racing, football, trading… Nothing works. But I am not alone (which is not a good thing to say, I know). Let’s break it down.

Horse Racing… Game Of Patterns™️: last 16 bets – 1 win. Jesus… Can’t figure out why, but only one explanation comes to my mind: weather. But, that is just an assumption. Could be anything, though. Just when I got back to 100 mark (took me more than 1.5 years testing patterns), it went negative again, below the 90 mark. What a disappointment. I was sure I was on to something. Okay. I have to stay disciplined, follow my own rules and keep going. I will not let this minor setback ruin my hard work and future efforts. (you can see current balance here)

Football… Draw The Back 2: 39 bets, only 9 wins and -19.49% return. Ahh… Only system for football I use. Nothing much to say. Simple “draw” bet system, was working great for 6 months, suddenly went down. Just when I decided to enter. Can’t figure out what’s going on. But I will continue. (you can track it here)

Trading… This one hurts the most. Lost almost all my money on Forex. Most of my traded currency pairs were connected to GBP (British Pound), and somehow… my analyst was wrong. It never happened before. This fight between UK and EU about Brexit keep damaging the markets. And that moron in the US is like a jack-in-the-box: you never know when he’s going to pop up and do some crazy shit. But, I am trusting my analyst and I believe he will pull me through.

To wrap up first 2 months in 2018:


Standing Still In Foreign Exchange

Last 45 days (since 2018 started) I am standing still in Forex. Actually, losing money. Since December, market conditions are horrendous. Binary, Forex, Crypto…. But, that is all part of the game. And I trust my analysts. Why? Because he is honest. And smart. While others are blaming the market, he is not making any excuses:


Comm with my analyst Jason Mike

Of course market is brutal. You see, honesty is a crucial part of the financial world. You need to have a person you can trust with your investments. If you don’t, you will find yourself changing analysts (which are 90% bad and uneducated) and blowing your account, eventually. When bad times like this arrives, we will see who will be left standing. Sticking with my guy. I hope my expectations are correct.

Let’s see…

Game Of Patterns: Day 590 – 1st target achieved

Nothing today. Soft/Heavy “going” again for jump races. For flat racing, nobody passed my filters. Moving on.

A couple of days ago, I’ve reached my first target. After 586 days and thousands of bets, I am back where I have started. Mission accomplished, Part 1 of my project is done! Was a great journey, and I can’t wait what lies ahead. To keep transparency, everything has been tracked and recorded with Tipstrr, Bettin.gs and Google Sheets. To summarize all bets in the graph (June 2016 – January 2018):

From the start, it went down. And it was suppose to! I was testing various patterns, many of them non profitable. To truly recognize the patterns that are important to me, I had to discard those that have outlived their purpose. And I did. That’s why I am back where I started! I believe I have found what I was looking for. Part 1 of my project is done.

Part 2: Double my bank

Stay tuned 🙂