Wolfpac RISE

Okay. Time to take action. I have suffered huge losses on the financial markets (BINARY/FOREX/CRYPTO) since 2018 started. Worst start of the year ever. So, I decided to make some changes. My monthly expenses increased, so I have to boost up my incomes. I have already made some changes regarding my FOREX activities, but this is not a post about that.

I got invited. For an adventure.

If you are a conservative person, happy with your incomes, not a risk-taker, enjoying your daily life…. stop reading and get back to your social media.

If you are like me, always up for an adventure into the unknown, step up. This is the project. It’s free. For the selected ones.


The general idea is simple: build your account from $/€100 to $/€1000 through FOREX and CRYPTO trading. You will need:

  • basic knowledge of FOREX and CRYPTO trading (placing orders, you can educate yourself very quickly about that)
  • $/€ 100 (which will you deposit on your account at JAFX Exchange through Wolfpac affiliate link, that way they will get something in return for this adventure)
  • Telegram account (can be set in minutes, probably everyone has it today)
  • Attitude ready for following Wolfpac rules and not being a pain in the ass
  • Open mind

You will learn to trade, and make money along the way. We are still gathering and settling at this stage, don’t get FOMO. So, if all of the above catches your interest, click on the link bellow and come with me on an adventure. I know couple of traders who will surely join me on this journey.


Wolfpac RISE



Standing Still In Foreign Exchange

Last 45 days (since 2018 started) I am standing still in Forex. Actually, losing money. Since December, market conditions are horrendous. Binary, Forex, Crypto…. But, that is all part of the game. And I trust my analysts. Why? Because he is honest. And smart. While others are blaming the market, he is not making any excuses:


Comm with my analyst Jason Mike

Of course market is brutal. You see, honesty is a crucial part of the financial world. You need to have a person you can trust with your investments. If you don’t, you will find yourself changing analysts (which are 90% bad and uneducated) and blowing your account, eventually. When bad times like this arrives, we will see who will be left standing. Sticking with my guy. I hope my expectations are correct.

Let’s see…

Binary Trading – Update

(can’t be understood unless you are a binary trader)

Fucking jungle. Literally. I feel sorry for the people. I was asked to help with binary trading, and I will.

Don’t get me wrong. I am doing great in Forex, but still trying to find good analysts to provide me good, quality and honest binary signals. It’s mission impossible. In last 6 months of my research, I have encountered nothing but bad providers. Let me start.

If you trade binary options, you most certainly receive signals (in 99% cases) through Telegram app. I belong to more than 200 groups in the Telegram (not just binary groups, but also forex and crypto groups) and, oh boy….. If I can find a guy from Europe to provide me signals, I would be thrilled. Why? Not just because of time difference (99% of so-called “signal providers” are from Asia and Africa), but because there are literally thousands and thousands of services/groups which are 99.99% scams. If not scams, they are gambling or not counting their results correctly, which is automatically a scam, nevertheless. They are not educated, they do not have proper knowledge of trading. People think that after 1 year experience in trading, they can provide signals. Jesus… Fucking jungle. And rumor is, binary trading is going to be banned soon, considered as gambling. But, let’s wait and see.

Important rules in binary trading (if you are following binary signals from providers):

  • when admin/admins of the group thinks his results are more important than members results, it’s a red flag
  • when admin/admins are not posting real results, RUN THE FUCK AWAY!

I wanted to describe my real-life experience with these so-called “providers” and I will post my opinion about them. Still searching for good ones.


Trading Mindset – 2 traits that identify if a trader on social media is successful or not

Great article published today on Steemit, by @forexbrokr



If you’re interested in markets then you probably follow a trader or two on your social media platform of choice. You’ll also know that there are a couple of distinct personalities that come through and by reading how people act online, you can often identify if a trader is successful or not?

I am not feeling the best today so I don’t plan on writing a lot, but there are 2 massive traits that can help you distinguish the successful, from the pretenders.

1. Successful Traders Talk About Ideas. Unsuccessful Traders Talk About People

Have you ever seen traders online worrying about what others are doing instead of their own setups? Those so called professional analysts who continuously put down, for example… crypto traders 😂, instead of worrying about their own accounts.

Instead of gossiping about other traders and getting nowhere, if they’re successful then you will only hear them speak about their own ideas. Sharing their own ideas instead of putting others down, is a sure sign of success.

2. Successful Traders Accept Responsibility. Unsuccessful Traders Blame Others

What about those traders that you see blame everything and everyone but themselves for a losing trade. It was never their fault, it was the market’s fault. No. It was your fault and only your fault.

Even worse are the ones that don’t have to blame anyone else for their losses, because they don’t share them! All good traders take losses within their risk profile and if you never see a trader take a loss then you know that they’re unsuccessful.

Crypto – still waiting for entry point

As predicted, I stayed away from crypto currencies. And it was a good decision. Bitcoin plundered like a hammer from the sky. And it was expected. Huge bubble was created in the past and it was just a matter of time when it will burst. But, that’s just a minor setback, in my opinion. US government shuts down and it created panic among crypto investors. Exactly what they wanted! Don’t be fooled, they are in intentionally weakening crypto currencies as they are scared of it! It will not last!

This morning is the first morning in a while when we’ve seen Bitcoin price actually maintain some strength that it picked up overnight and this could be an indication. That’s not certain, of course, it’s more speculative than anything, but given the action we’ve seen over the last few weeks, it’s far from an unreasonable suggestion.

If this is the case, maybe price can finally find a floor in and around current levels as opposed to constantly flirting with a downside breach of the $10,000 mark and, in turn, settle into a sustained period of upside appreciation.

Let’s see…

Crypto Madness: Quit your job and follow the sun?

No, you can’t. Not yet.

Watching the crypto markets in past year, people went completely mad. Everybody thought these prices are insane. Who would pay $15,000 for a single Bitcoin? It was only $1,000 a couple of months ago. And the prices kept running.

You can be like me, I missed out the crypto boom. Not because I wanted to. It caught me unready, on the sideline. Or you get FOMO, over traded, sold too fast, and did a lot worse than you should. There is (know well known) trading behavior, called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out): “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”.

The price to become a good trader is high. Most people never make it. To be a good trader, you have to lose a lot of money fast and fail to beat the market before turning it around.

If you’re lucky, you learn those lessons and wind up a trader who trades well whether the market is up or down. I am my worst enemy, when trading is concerned. Emotions are against me, market is against me, everything is against me. I am not looking to make steady, slow, conservative profits, year after year. I want to retire early, enjoy rest of my life before Grim Reaper comes.

There is kind of trading strategy, which is used to deliver insane profits: Momentum (or Ride-On) trading. You don’t want slow, conservative profits. You want to hump on the rocket and ride the market. Fast. 1000%, 10000% returns. And, it’s possible. There are traders done it, and still doing it. I am not one of them. I am not trading crypto currencies yet, but I am preparing to enter this beast. And I am very careful. You have to have right mindset for this.

Most people are lying to themselves and to the world. There is reality and there is what you think about the world. Usually they are not the same thing. When your beliefs meet reality, reality wins every time if they are not in sync.

You have to lose money, make money, lose it again. You have to ride the insane emotional roller-coaster as you win big and then lose it all. You have to think you’re a God one day and the market is your personal ATM only to get taken out to the woods and get stripped. That’s how this works. Nobody can teach you everything you need to know. You have to do it!

This can and does result in financial ruin for most traders. High risk. High reward.