Binary Trading – Update

(can’t be understood unless you are a binary trader)

Fucking jungle. Literally. I feel sorry for the people. I was asked to help with binary trading, and I will.

Don’t get me wrong. I am doing great in Forex, but still trying to find good analysts to provide me good, quality and honest binary signals. It’s mission impossible. In last 6 months of my research, I have encountered nothing but bad providers. Let me start.

If you trade binary options, you most certainly receive signals (in 99% cases) through Telegram app. I belong to more than 200 groups in the Telegram (not just binary groups, but also forex and crypto groups) and, oh boy….. If I can find a guy from Europe to provide me signals, I would be thrilled. Why? Not just because of time difference (99% of so-called “signal providers” are from Asia and Africa), but because there are literally thousands and thousands of services/groups which are 99.99% scams. If not scams, they are gambling or not counting their results correctly, which is automatically a scam, nevertheless. They are not educated, they do not have proper knowledge of trading. People think that after 1 year experience in trading, they can provide signals. Jesus… Fucking jungle. And rumor is, binary trading is going to be banned soon, considered as gambling. But, let’s wait and see.

Important rules in binary trading (if you are following binary signals from providers):

  • when admin/admins of the group thinks his results are more important than members results, it’s a red flag
  • when admin/admins are not posting real results, RUN THE FUCK AWAY!

I wanted to describe my real-life experience with these so-called “providers” and I will post my opinion about them. Still searching for good ones.