Game Of Patterns: Day 612

I just can’t catch a break. Ahhh… Kilcarry Bridge fell, Magic of Light 2nd. Frustration level:

Moving on. Today 5 selections:
Warwick 23rd Feb 15:00 Blameitalonmyroots @ 5.6 Pt4
Warwick 23rd Feb 16:40 Talk of The South @ 3.9 Pt4.1
Dundalk 23rd Feb 17:30 Rosenborg Rider @ 4.5 Pt3.1
Dundalk 23rd Feb 18:30 Jon Ess @ 3.65 Pt3.1
Dundalk 23rd Feb 21:00 Carried @ 5.6 Pt3.1

Game Of Patterns: Day 611

To put my yesterday selections in one word: fucked. Simply fucked. All 3 selections ran like a donkey. The frustration level is red. Ahhh… Okay. Not looking back. Moving on. Today 3 selections, all for pattern 5:


Thurl 22nd Feb 13:55 Kilcarry Bridge @ 4.5 Pt5
Thurl 22nd Feb 14:25 Magic of Light @ 3.75 Pt5
Sedgefielde 22nd Feb 15:20 Kilronan Castle @ 5.1 Pt5


Game Of Patterns: Day 609

Good job yesterday. Bako De La Saulaie came 2nd, but Granville Island won @ 5.7! Yay! I desperately needed that win to get me back to 100 point mark:

Moving on. Today 2 selections:


Taunton 20th Feb 15:10 The Kings Writ @ 4.5 Pt5
Wolverhampton 20th Feb 19:40 Unveiling @ 7.2 Pt3


Game Of Patterns: Day 607

Both selections lost. Holly Bush Henry came 5th, Frodon 3rd. 🤬🤬🤬 Ahhh… No selections today. The balance went negative (bellow 100 points). Pattern 11 fucked me up on Friday, but will address it later. It’s going to be hard to detach from that 100 point mark:

But I feel very confident. I really do. And I do hope I will not disappoint myself.